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Relax and unwind in Mongolia, a country that boasts a complicated history, vast grasslands, and friendly people. Many people know of Genghis Khan, the great Mongolian warlord who created the Mongol Empire. However, that Mongolia is all in the past. The locals are friendly, the food is delicious, and the potential for adventure is huge. Our experts are ready to place you on the right path.

Important information

  • Time Difference: GMT +8
  • Approximate Flight Time From the UK: 13 hours
  • Visa Required: Yes
  • Currency: Togrog or Tugrik (£1 = Approximately 3,090 Tugrik)
  • When to Travel: Autumn and Spring When the Weather is Temperate and the Skies Clear. Summer Wet and Cloudy.

Our Tours


Great Locations

Ulaanbaatar - Zero Distance Travel


For a country known for its vast empty expanses of land, Mongolia's capital is a sharp contrast. It has modern buildings, busy traffic, and busy streets. There remains, however, some calm in its Buddhist monasteries and the Bogd Khan's winter palace.

Kharkhorin - Zero Distance Travel


For a brief time in the 13th century Kharkhorin, known as Karakorum, was the centre of the Mongol Empire that stretched across Asia. What remained was incorporated in the Erdene Zuu monastery.