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Burma is best known for its stunning temples that were built by the ruling dynasty around 900 years ago. It’s also home to a 2500-year-old pagoda that’s covered in gold plates! Plan your visit to this fantastical landscape with the help of our experts. You are sure to have a wonderful time.

Important information

  • Time Difference: GMT +6.5
  • Approximate Flight Time from UK: 14 Hours
  • Visa Required: Yes (Online Visa on Arrival)
  • Currency: Kyat (£1 = Approx. 1,700 Kyat)
  • When to Travel: During the Dry Season, Which Runs from October To April. It’ll Be Warm and Dry! Summer is Generally Hot, Humid, and Wet.

Our Tours

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Places to See

Yangon - Zero Distance Travel


Formerly known as Rangoon, Yangon is South-east Asia's latest boomtown. As the country's largest city and major commercial port, there is always something going on. New building developments jostle with rundown colonial era buildings waiting to be restored along tree-lined avenues. Upmarket bars and restaurants are opening apace. Christian churches, mosques, and Hindu temples can be found alongside numerous Buddhist shrines, with the greatest of them all, the Shwedagon Pagoda, dominating the city.

Lake Inle - Zero Distance Travel

Lake Inle

Situated in Shan state, Lake Inle is a large freshwater lake ringed by hills. Its shores are fringed by marshes and the floating gardens of the local Intha people, who live in villages composed of houses built on stilts over the water. Buddhist shrines dot the landscape, and the fishermen of the area are famed for their unique one-legged style of rowing. In the hills surrounding the lakes, numerous ethnic minority groups live, flocking to the shores of the lake for markets to sell their produce.

Kalaw - Zero Distance Travel


Kalaw developed during British rule as a hill-station where civil servants could escape the heat of the plains. Today it retains some of that colonial atmosphere, thanks in part to the descendants of Indian and Nepalese workers who settled in the town. Kalaw is the centre for trekking in Myanmar, and many interesting treks can be made into the surrounding countryside to villages of various ethnic minority groups.

Mandalay - Zero Distance Travel


Mandalay is the country's second city, busy developing and expanding as the economy grows. The last royal capital of Burma, the city is still a major cultural and religious centre, with important temples and monasteries.

Bagan - Zero Distance Travel


Bagan is a small collection of towns and villages serving the tourist trade for one of Myanmar's main attractions, the temples of Bagan. These were constructed when the area was the capital of the Pagan empire, which flourished between the 9th and 12th centuries, and which was the first state to cover much of what is now Myanmar. Of up to 10,000 temples and pagodas built during those years, more than 2,000 still remain, and form an unforgettable experience. Stay for the night and see the temples change colour as the sun sets.

Pyin Oo Lwin - Zero Distance Tours

Pyin Oo Lwin

Founded in 1896, and originally called Maymyo after Colonel May of the 5th Bengal Infantry, the town was created as a hill-station to escape the heat of Mandalay. It became the summer capital of British rule until 1948, and numerous colonial buildings, churches, and villas survive from that era, as do the descendants of Indian and Nepalese workers who built the railway linking the town to Mandalay. Today, Pyin Oo Lwin is a charming getaway and a contrast from the big cities.